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Alliant Construction Management, Inc. can provide the following services during the Pre-Construction phase of a project:

  • Assist with site acquisition and real estate planning

  • Generate building pro-forma analysis

  • Validate program and budget

  • Assist with program requirements including Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Quotation (RFQ)

  • Develop, maintain, and update the master budget, cost estimates and cost-to-complete projections

  • Develop seamless information systems, lines of communication, work roles, project management plans, comprehensive construction management plans

  • Plan construction process - sequencing, bid packaging, fast-tracking, and any other details involved

  • Generate resource allocation projections

  • Establish project cash flow

  • Coordinate strategy and logistics for temporary facilities

  • Design standards for systems

  • Support project programming

  • Generate cost estimates, including soft and hard costs

  • Oversee value engineering

  • Review building systems and formal constructability

  • Evaluate lifecycle costs

  • Assist with Bidding process: bidder outreach, bidder pre-qualification, advertisement, review of bids, evaluation of bidder responsiveness, reference checks

  • Clarify scope of trade responsibilities

  • Assist with pre-purchase of long lead-time materials

  • Identification and determination of the appropriate mitigation measures for hazardous materials

  • Assist in the development of programs for the design of furnishings, moveable equipment, signage and graphics related to fire/life safety issues as well as other signage and graphics programs

  • Offer services related to construction of full-scale mock-ups of items such as: workstations, classrooms, casework, construction details, etc.

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